We represent children who have been sexually abused by bringing civil claims seeking money damages against Sexual Perpetrators and any other party whose negligence enabled the perpetrator to abuse the child.   We accept cases throughout the state of Florida.  All Fees and Costs are paid from Recovery if any. If No recovery then no Fees and No Costs. 


Should We Sue or Not?

The Big question is, why should someone put their child through a lawsuit? Why should they expose them to the additional stress associated with a lawsuit?

In our opinion one of the most significant impacts of child sexual abuse occurs when a trusted adult imposes on a child sexually and robs the child of power thereby making the child feel powerless and lonely.


Bringing a lawsuit empowers the claimant because it puts the power back into their hands, they are in control, and they are saying “this will not be tolerated”. A civil lawsuit can take away the feeling of loneliness that a child victim can experience by rallying their family around a singular cause aimed at holding the at fault party(ies) accountable.


The money damages obtained in the event of a successful lawsuit can also provide some ease of suffering and funds for therapy.  Additionally, a civil lawsuit can identify an abuser and potentially alert others to their behaviors, and even force institutions to re-evaluate their policies and procedures causing even greater change. 

Brooke Sharmin Esq.,